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SAS Enterprise Guide: Writing Code to Capture New Twitter Followers

While at the SAS Global Forum, someone said to me – “You cannot write code in SAS Enterprise Guide.”  It was a little shocking to me that the person thought SAS Enterprise Guide was all wizards, flow diagrams, and magic. After talking to a few other folks I have found that it is a common myth.  

News Flash!  You can just code in SAS Enterprise Guide!  Today I’ll show you how I pull data from Outlook into SAS Enterprise Guide to create a tweet.  And I’m just going to code.

Mythbuster! You can Code in SAS Enterprise Guide

If you tweet a lot then you might be familiar with the #FF hashtag. It means people the Tweet-er suggests that you follow. Lately I have been getting more Twitter followers and some I think are really worth checking out.  However, trying to cut and paste all the names into a tweet is a buzz kill.   Here’s how I automated my process with SAS Enterprise Guide.  By the way – if you think I could add some efficiency to my code – speak up in the comments (with examples please!)

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