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SAS Prompt Framework: SAS Shared Prompts are Scrumpdillyicious for a Stored Process!

When I was growing up, a big treat on a summer afternoon was to get a Dairy Queen ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. Dairy Queen advertised their treats as scrumpdillyicious, which they were to a seven year old!  If you are not aware, SAS ships some shared prompts that you can use with your stored process … and you guessed it … I think they are scrumpdillyicious!

Locating the Shared Prompts

SAS ships about 15 shared prompts that you can integrate into your stored process.  These prompts are typically found in this location:

SAS Folders > Products > SAS Intelligence Platform > Samples

The shared prompts allows you to select styles, logs, packages, and so on.  Many of the tasks you may routinely need when creating a stored process.  [Contact your SAS Administrator if you cannot locate the samples.]

Working With an Example

From the stored process I created in the Using Alternating Background Color with PROC REPORT post, how about we allow the users to select the style?  We will just default to a gray (#F0F0F0) as the alternating color for the row.


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