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SAS Stored Process: Using Alternating Background Color with PROC REPORT

I remember when I began learning how to program using SAS.  One of my first tasks was to create a set of reports that listed the trouble tickets from the customer.  This was before it was easy to get information from SAS to Excel and the goal was to have the reports on the website so it could be reviewed easily.

All Hail My SAS Heroes!

PROC REPORT results were ugly and hard to read - the manager did not complain but he wasn't impressed.  What a breakthrough when I found Lauren Haworth Lake's ODS for PRINT, REPORT, and TABULATE she presented at SUGI 26.  It was genius! Instantly - a new SAS hero was standing next to Ron Cody and Susan Slaughter/Lora Delwiche.  Without a lot of work - I could create a really standout report!  It was great because it was easy to code and the manager was impressed!  (Yippie!)

So my marvelous trick was really just adding alternating row of color to make the report easier to read.  Here's a quick example of what a difference the background color can make to readability.  The first example is the report using the SAS supplied style Journal - this is plain out of the box style.


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