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Search Engine Optimisation: Few Things to Know

SEO or search engine optimisation is an internet marketing process to increase the placement of your website in search results found on search engines like Google and Bing. In order to make your website search engine friendly, SEO companies use some white-hat on-page techniques. In other words, SEO or search engine optimisation includes a set of rules, which are followed by blogs or website owners in order to optimise their websites for search engines.

As a business owner one should know what the benefits of SEO services are. SEO is the best marketing strategy to secure your position in the Google algorithm. In spite of the importance of SEO websites, a lot of e-commerce websites tend to ignore it. If your website is well optimised there is no need to rely solely on links and advertisements. An SEO-friendly store can bring more organic search traffic while spending less than traditional advertising.

Main stages of SEO:

SEO is a framework of processes and rules. It can basically be divided into two stages: on page optimization and off page optimization.

On page optimization consists of certain rules that are applied on your site in order to make it SEO-friendly.

Off page optimization is the process to promote your blog or web site outside of your website in order to achieve a better rank in search results.

The difference between Internet marketing and SEO

Some people mistakenly confuse SEO with internet marketing. SEO is just one of the tools in the field of internet marketing. It can be said that SEO is a greater part of internet marketing which consists of social media promotion, content development, and other marketing strategies done online.


Importance of SEO:

Make a more user-friendly website:

SEO enables you to make a website quicker, better and friendlier for users. You can improve the user experience by following on-page SEO techniques.

Cost-effective way of marketing:

SEO is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies as it focuses on users who are looking for your products and services online. If you are listed at the top organically you don’t need to allocate budget for advertising or pay per click campaigns.  You will pay less for an SEO campaign to get consistent organic traffic when compared to online advertising.

Traffic consistency:

With the help of reporting and analytics tools, you can see a clear-cut increase in traffic. An SEO-friendly website will enable you to maximise your business efforts. SEO also takes the responsibility to create keyword relevant and informative title tags and meta descriptions. This means a lot to search engines as they work to determine how relevant you are when web users are search for products and services like your own.

Increased site visibility:

SEO not only makes your website more navigable for search engines, but also makes the website easier to navigate for users. Brand awareness is one of the hidden advantages of SEO. Users usually rely on a brand with higher visibility instead of the brands that do not have a good web presence. This is very important for small businesses because it introduces your brand and increases its visibility. In today’s world of technology, search engines have a crucial role in destroying or building a brand.

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