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Service attitude, the spirit of an Analytic Professional

I was frustrated by the fact that in every downturn, the management would lay off Analytics professional to trim down the cost. I have withstand two such stressful time but am still surviving. What makes you stand out among the Analytics Professional? To be more precise, how should you create a report for the end users?


Have you ever tailor-made any suit? Think about the experience: You choose the basic ingredients like materials, pattern, then they do the measurement of your body. Normally, after a while, you get your first fitting and the tailor will pin down or mark directly on the work-in-progress suits. After a while, you get your final suits.

The Essence of this experiences:

1. You provide the flexibility to your clients;

2. You remain the professional that advise your clients;

3. There is one semi-final products for comments and feedback.

4. If your clients have any request in fine-turning, you do not say no to it unless it's impossible. Otherwise, you listen and deliver what was requested.

5. It should fit only to the clients.

Many people has the misconception that a professional means that you decide on what do do with the works. on the contrary, it's the listening and adaptation yet technically strength that makes you a professional.

I have met lots of smart people in the field. But the smarter they are, the more difficult for him/her to accept other people's opinion. To stand out among the normal professional, you need the absolute service attitudes.

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