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Social Media Advertising: An Integral Part of Digital Marketing

The benefits of social media marketing are so huge that it isn’t really possible to overstate them. In an age where almost everything has passed over to the digital realm, marketing strategies and campaigns are now split between billboard hoardings, television advertisements and the internet search engine optimisation. The last one is more commonly known by its acronym, SEO. It is chiefly done with the help of keyword searching by using Google AdWords tools. What people chiefly do here is, take certain words from every page which keeps on recurring, and then see how much a certain word or phrase has been used in order to search for a particular product or service on the internet. The word or phrase which has found to have been searched the highest number of times is then taken and used strategically in order to be ranked up on the list of searches. This is when somebody uses that particular keyword or key phrase in order to search for the product or service. There are various ways and means to optimise the search engine, and one of them is the method of social media optimisation. This involves creating pages on the social media platforms in order to increase the viewership of the company to the users of social media platforms. We often find ourselves ‘liking’ the pages of a certain product or service on Facebook, because we’re either pleased with its service, or we are curious about a certain company. But whatever be the case, social media marketing is a huge way to increase brand recognition along with brand loyalty. Below are listed all the advantages of going for social media marketing:  

  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: As said before, having a social media page enhances social brand recognition and also helps to create brand awareness. It is important because not only does it make you much more accessible to the already-existing customer base, but it can also draw in new customers to your product/service. Also, many companies organise special contests on their social network pages which involve the particular product or service that the company is selling. Through these kinds of endeavours, a firm serves to enhance consumer loyalty and gain more recognition for their quality. Special offers and packages also serve to generate good word-of-mouth and hence help in a greater conversion of leads.

  • The second thing is obviously more lead conversion. By advertising on social media, people would come to know more about a certain company and get acquainted with its services or products. Many a times, we see advertisements of brands appearing in a column on the right side of any page that we click on. Of course, it is again search engine optimisation at work; tracking individual users’ search patterns and algorithms to display specific advertisements to them. For example, if somebody is searching for a Facebook group which discusses mainly clothes and apparels, then one is more likely to see advertisements which are related to clothes. This way, a lot of people would get acquainted with new brands and shops which they might not have known previously about. And the more people come in contact with new brands for related searches, the more likely they are to become inquisitive about those brands and hence, more chances of getting a lead conversion for a company.

  • The third most important thing is to secure a good brand authority. If a company regularly interacts with its customers on social media and continuously updates them with new developments via news feed and notifications, then it will strengthen the customers’ faith and loyalty towards the brand. As a result, they will talk about and suggest the brand to other people on various Twitter or Reddit thread conversations. As a result, the brand will slowly gain a lot of authority among a group of people on the social media, which will grow large with time. Also, interacting with major influencer entities on various platforms would certainly cause a company’s sale and conversion figures to skyrocket.

  • Without a social media platform to advertise your products or services, your site would be largely unknown to a huge chunk of the consumer base out there. If a company only keeps to their official sites when it comes to online advertising, then they would mostly be confined to a stagnant customer base and the only way to gain fame would be through positive word-of-mouth in the physical world. However with a social media page, you can advertise to a greater chunk of people (through bulk advertising on FB groups, appearing on connected peoples’ newsfeeds, etc.). Hence, your brand gains an authoritative position much faster when it’s out there for a huge mass of people to come across. This is especially true for e-commerce brands that need all the online visibility they can garner.


The Above information is shared by White Hat Academy.

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