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Sophisticated time series analysis in Excel with Inference for R

Inference for R places the power of R statistical analysis software inside the productivity rich environment of MS Office. With Inference for R you can combine R code, data, and text in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents to create reports and deploy analysis solutions.

While Excel spreadsheets are an excellent tool for simple analysis, they are ill suited for performing complex analysis and reporting. On the other hand, R ( offers a free and growing collection of powerful graphical statistical analysis software, but its command-line interface can prove difficult for production level users who prefer the Excel environment.

We recently posted a screencast (screenshot above) that illustrates the use of Inference in Excel with a collection of novel R packages (quantmod, xts, and TTR) to easily perform advanced time series stock analysis using minimal R code:

It shows how Inference for R can be used to turn Excel into a powerful tool for advanced, production level, analysis. More experienced R users can create R applications in Excel and distribute them for use by novice R users who are familiar with the Excel environment. The screencast also demonstrates an upcoming Inference feature called Run-In-Place that executes R code, real-time, without the need to create a results document or publish a report to see graphical output. It will be available along with Inference in PowerPoint, in our next major release slated for early June.

We offer free academic licenses and 30-day free trials for commercial users.

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