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Spike in Job Opportunities for Analytic Professionals

Several job ads recently posted on DataShaping / AnalyticBridge, across United Sates and in Europe. Use the DataShaping search box to find more opportunities.

Job ads are posted at:

Selected opportunities:

Quantitative Modeling Consultants - Agilex (Alexandria, VA)
Sr. Software Development Engineers - Agilex (Alexandria, VA)
Actuary - FBL Financial Group (Des Moines, IA)
Relevance scientist - Yandex Labs (Palo Alto, CA)
Research Engineer, Search Ranking - Chomp (San Francisco, CA)
Mathematical Modeling and Optimization - Exxon (Clinton, NJ)
Data Analyst - DISH Network (Englewood, CO)
Sr Aviation Planning Research & Data Analyst - Port of Seattle (Seattle, WA)
Statistician / Quantitative Analyst - Indeed (Austin, TX)
Statistician - Pratt & Whitney (East Hartford, CT)
Biostatistician - The J. David Gladstone Institutes (San Francisco, CA)
Customer Service Representative (oklahoma, OK)
Program Associate - Cambridge Systematics (Washington D.C., DC)
Sr Risk Analyst - Paypal (Omaha, NE)
Sr. Actuarial Analyst - Farmers (Simi Valley, CA)
Senior Statistician, Data Services - Equifax (Alpharetta, GA)
Business Intelligence Analyst - Burbery (NYC, NY)
Fact Extraction - Amazon (Seattle, WA)
Senior Researcher - Bing (Bellevue, WA)
Senior Statistical Research Analyst - Walt Disney (Lake Buena Vista, FL)
Statistician - Capital One (Nottingham, NH)
Lead Data Analyst - Barclays (Northampton, UK)
Analytical Data Scientist - Aviagen (Huntsville, AL or Edinburgh, UK)
VP of Engineering for Analytics (Bay Area, CA)
Senior Software Engineer - Numenta (Redwood City, CA)
Numenta Internship Program - Numenta (Redwood City, CA)
Director of Analytics - Mozilla Corporation (Mountain View, CA)
Senior Sales Engineer - Statsoft (NY, NY)

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