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STATISTICA Decisioning Platform™ Profiled in Review of Decision Management Solutions

StatSoft’s (www.statsoft.comSTATISTICA Decisioning Platform™ is the only enterprise predictive analytics and decision management software platform to combine predictive analytics, text mining, and rules.  STATISTICA Decisioning Platform™ covers all aspects of mission-critical enterprise predictive analytics and decisioning solutions for banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, and other organizations with need to integrate predictive analytics into their business processes. 

Decision rules, integrated with predictive models and text mining, translate predictions into business decisions.   James Taylor, leading expert in Decision Management and author of the recent book Decision Management Systemsprofiled the STATISTICA Decisioning Management Platform in a recent blog post.


Mr. Taylor writes about the STATISTICA Decisioning Platform, “Everything is managed in an enterprise metadata repository deployed on a relational database. Workflows and other components for model creation or business rules are created, managed in the enterprise repository and deployed to a server for execution. Multiple projects and folders can be managed in the repository and permissions are layered onto these. Data access templates, analysis templates, decisioning flows and rules are all managed in this repository. Decision flows with models and rules are checked in and then used to drive reporting (integration with MS document tools), batch scoring for writing back to the production database or deployment to the STATISTICA Live Score Server for real-time decisioning using web services calls. There is a Monitoring and Alerting server for dashboards that monitor model performance and there is an integrated Document Management System for version control and approvals of models.”


In the STATISTICA Decisioning Platform, the system personalizes the user experience based on roles:

  • Quantitative analysts have access to the full suite of powerful predictive modeling and data visualization capabilities.
  • Business analysts define and verify the business rules for which predictive models to apply, and to which processes/products, and for when/how to override the predictions from the models due to other business rules or regulatory guidelines.
  • Lines of business workers see results and recommendations specific to their objectives and business processes.

The STATISTICA Decisioning Platform™ provides solutions for specific vertical applications needs.  For example, StatSoft’s solution for Financial Risk Management has been proven as the highest-performance, reliable, and cost effective solution at some of the largest and most progressive financial institutions in the world.  It combines the cutting-edge, highly scalable analytics and data management technology with solid understanding of the practical demands of the financial services industry.


StatSoft, Inc., founded in 1984, is one of the largest producers of enterprise and desktop software for Data Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Decisioning Support, Analytic Monitoring, and Quality Improvement. Its products are used worldwide at most major corporations, universities, and government agencies and are supported with training and consulting services by 30 offices on all continents.






StatSoft, Inc.

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