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Support Vector Regression (SVR): predict earthquakes through sunspots

In the last months we discussed a lot about text mining algorithms, I would like for a while focus on data mining aspects.
Today I would talk about one of the most intriguing topics related to data mining tasks: the regression  analysis.

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Experiment: Earthquakes prediction using sunspots as regressor
Early warning: this is just a tutorial, so don't consider the results of this experiment as a real scientific work on earthquake prediction!
Data considered:
- series of earthquakes registered in USA since 1774 to 1989.
- series of sunspots registered since 1774 to 1989.
Let's plot the graph of the number of quakes registered per year and the related number of sunspot:
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Support Vector Regression

I removed the time line axis; the below graph shows the number of earthquakes and the respective number of sunspots:

In Red the original data, in Blue the predicted data.

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