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Thank You Letters Could Be Your Biggest Nightmare!

The easiest part of the interview process is the Thank You letter. Yet it has once again been the kiss of death for one of our job candidates. This is the second time in 3 months that one of our job candidates has been burned because of spelling errors on a Thank You letter. With the job market being as bad as it is, you would think that job candidates would go the extra mile and make sure that they are doing everything that they can to cover their bases.

It is important to have someone else look over your Thank You letter. In fact we tell all of our candidates to send us a copy before sending it off to a client just to have another set of eyeballs on it. I understand everyone is busy and the idea that someone else needs to proof read something as basic as a Thank You letter can be overlooked.

How frustrating is it to lose out on a deal because of spelling? Well both deals were for job candidates that make over $100K in salary so figure it out. Anyone who reads my blogs knows that I can’t spell nor can I write but what I would never do is to make a spelling error on a Thank You letter. We even have a template that anyone can use on our website. Basic and to the point is all that is needed. A Thank You letter is not going to get you a job but it will make it so you won’t get a job. After all the first impression is the most important part of the interview process and the Thank You letter is the least important. Before the Thank You letter the decision was already made to pursue a candidate.

Don’t make this mistake!

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