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The Importance of Culture in a Data-Driven Corporate Strategy

After many years spent working with businesses of various sizes, we’ve begun to notice patterns around the successful use of data and analytics. Many businesses tell us they want to be “data-driven” or use analytics to achieve their goals. One aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to using analytics is the role of team culture, or business culture, in actually making use of the insights generated by analytics.

All of the effort that goes into measuring and analyzing data is wasted without a commitment to actually use the data to promote meaningful behaviors and initiatives. This is easier said than done – just like personal habits, people tend to get excited about a new tool or metric, but often stop tracking or measuring performance after a week or two.

The only way to succeed with analytics is to promote a culture that respects data, and uses data and analytics to find opportunities and chase after them. We share a few ideas on how you can promote a healthy data-driven culture within your company.

  1. Ensure dashboard metrics are tied to what is valuable to your business. 
  2. Organize daily “standup” meetings to review dashboards. 
  3. Be a role model on the use of data. 
  4. Define goals in terms of what is being measured. 
  5. Celebrate when thresholds are passed. 
  6. Promote a “continuous improvement” mindset. 

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