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The Rapleaf Personalization Fund: $1MM available to analytic startups

Have a cool idea for a product related to data or personalization? We’ll help you build it! The Rapleaf Personalization Fund is $1 million of cash and in-kind awards (plus invaluable support from our partners) for cool startups that integrate with our data. We’re looking for awesome start-ups based on Rapleaf data that will take personalization to the next level.

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Personalization Fund FAQ

Blue_right_arrow Am I eligible to apply?

Blue_right_arrow What do winners get? How are they selected?

Blue_right_arrow How do I get started?

Blue_right_arrow Who are all these partners you mention?

Blue_right_arrow What are some examples of start-ups you’d fund?

The possibilities are endless!
  • A tool to help daily deals sites and e-commerce sites personalize product recommendations and offers
  • An engine for news sites to recommend content based on user data
  • An analytics tool to show aggregate demographic details of email newsletters
  • An application that makes it easy to link a company’s CRM, ESP, and Rapleaf data
  • [Add your idea here...]

Blue_right_arrow What the heck is Rapleaf? How do I even use Rapleaf data?

Blue_right_arrow Does Rapleaf take a stake in my business?

Blue_right_arrow What’s the timeline for the fund?

Blue_right_arrow So what’s the catch?! What’s in it for Rapleaf?

Blue_right_arrow More questions?

Blue_right_arrow Message from our Lawyers


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