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The reform of UK financial regulation - Maximilian J. B. Hall

Dr. Maximilian J. B. Hall
Professor of Banking and Financial Regulation,
Department of Economics,
Loughborough University

Since the enactment of the new Banking Act in February 2009, with a new 'Special
Resolution Regime' at its heart, the debate about how to reform the UK's financial
regulatory and supervisory framework has intensified. A major catalyst for this was the
publication of Lord Turner's 'Review' in March 2009, which was followed by the
Government's White Paper on financial reform in July. The same month the Conservative
Party revealed its own White Paper on the subject, with both the Bank of England and the
Financial Services Authority contributing to the debate at frequent intervals. The purpose
of this article is to review and analyse these documents and viewpoints before coming to a
conclusion about the most appropriate way forward on the domestic financial regulatory

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