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The Revolution of Evolution for Real-World Applications

The Revolution of Evolution for Real-World Applications

Peter Bentley
Intelligent Systems Group, Department of Computer Science University College London,
Gower St., London WC1E 6BT, UK.


This paper describes an evolutionary search method known as the
genetic algorithm (GA) and examines its application to real-world problems. A
description of the algorithm itself and its history is provided. A general review of
GA theory and analysis is given, and many of the newer, more advanced types of
GA are introduced. Some of the hundreds of different applications tackled by GAs
are then described. Two more detailed case-studies are included, to outline how
GAs can be applied to real-world applications, and to illustrate some of the
difficulties such problems present to the designers of GA-based systems. The paper
concludes that the GA is a highly significant and useful tool, suitable for a variety
of different applications.

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