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Netflix has a computerized recommendation system which seeks to find the common threads in millions of people’s recommendations and throw up “what’s best for you”? A lot of Online commerce sites have this kind of recommendation engine at work and Amazon is another well known example.

Netflix had a unique challenge: they wanted to improve Cinematic, their “recommendation engine.” Cinematic is the bit of software embedded in the Netflix Web site that analyzes each customer’s movie-viewing habits and recommends other movies that the customer might enjoy.
Netflix wanted Cinematic to compete with the best minds “out there” and anyone who showed a 10% improvement over Cinematic would stand to win $ 1 million!

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Comment by Steffen Springer on September 22, 2009 at 2:15pm
I dont want to be mean, but ...

a blog entry referring to another blog entry referring (finally) to researched article of an actual newspaper. This reminds of this little web comic (

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