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Rather it's the wave of the future or just a passing fad,  if you are designing information for the mobile BI users then this change applies to you!  There's a simple reason - what will your fancy report look like on a teeny-tiny, itty-bitty tablet? Cramped? Sliding off the page? Not ready for prime time?   [Read more about mobile BI predictions in my Mobile BI Is Arriving Soon... It Could Happen! post.]

Which Device - Apple or Android?

You are going to have to think about information delivery on mobile devices differently. If your company wants users to consume data through a Web Browser, how will that look versus how it might look in a native application?  For example SAS Visual Analytics has an iPad application and one for the Android as well. This screenshot shows a dashboard on each device.  

sas visual analytics mobile bi

Sizing Your Mobile BI Design

The different sizes do present a design challenge!  SAS Visual Analytics offers some help with the layout. When you start the new design, there are three different layout options.  This is helpful because as you complete the report, you can click on each button to see how your design will look in the various devices.  If you know you are designing for an iPad, then just click the middle button and design away!

sas visual analytics mobile bi

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