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I love Buzz Lightyear nearly as much as I love Forrest Gump. But Buzz did not quite understand infinity. My teenagers will argue with me over stuff, like who is the most adorable, saying that they are more adorable than me, and add “times infinity.” Well, they do not quite understand infinity either. I would venture to say that I do not understand the essence of the infinite, but just as Forrest knows what love is, so do I know what infinity is—and what it is not.

The Do Not part of knowing infinity is easy. It is not a number—it is not something we can manipulate. Yet unlike the number system, infinity is real! Infinity is that which contains everything else. Thus, our conceptualization of the number system, whether according to Jessica Rabbit or not (see Jessica Rabbit and the Number System, Oct 3, 2014), is contained within infinity.

So why is Buzz out of his league? He, nor anyone else, can go beyond infinity. Infinity is what is beyond everything we can go to. It is beyond our dimensions of time and space, and any other dimension you wish to add. The parallel universe that my mind occasionally visits is not beyond infinity, nor is the Nth solar system in the Nth galaxy, just on the other side of the next black hole. Infinity is what exists outside of the ability to fathom existence. We cannot count to it, nor can we go to it, but Buzz’s clever saying is still very wonderful.

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