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To live up to 100 years - how to change the longevity of career and business

Professor of London Business School Lynda Gratton said Rick Kirkland from McKinsey how long the life is changing business and the economy. Our understanding of career and employment is still determined by the times when people did not live long. In this interview, and in his new book - The 100-Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity. Gratton explains what has changed since then.

What will happen if we will live to 100 years? If you live to that age, making reasonable savings, and if you want to have a pension of at least 50% of the previous income, you have to work up to 80 years or even more. No government has recognized this, but it is a fact.

Consider two hypothetical people. One person is Jack, and he died in the 70-odd years. A second name is Jane, she is now 20, works on the internter as a freelancer, travels a lot, and dpes custom writing for other students, and you can expect her to live at least 100 years. Jane will not hurry up with solutions. We are already seeing that young people are getting married later, after buying a house, having children later and start a career.

Jack lived in accordance with a certain pattern. In his time, all were educated in the same age. All go to school. All they are retiring at the same time. Jane lives on this template: Now, when people plan their lives, they will not all do the same thing at the same age.

We used to have only three stages of life: school, work, retirement. The long life stages more - and transitions more between them. Therefore, when longevity are important social networks and contacts - they help to move from one phase to another. This is what sociologists call "weak ties": people who are different from you, you do not know very well. After all, the people you know well, who look like you, do not want you to change. If you are changing, they also have to think about change. And when you think about the future, about who you become, you cannot predict it, looking at their closest friends and relatives. These signals come from a broad range of people you know.

The most obvious - no need to send people to retire at 60 years. This creates a big problem in the future. Let people work as much as they can. In addition, it is necessary to understand that a career is no longer a step of all three phases. People will constantly change careers. They will begin a new. They will learn new skills. They will make a pause in his career.

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