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Top 16 articles for week ending October 24

From Data Science Central and AnalyticBridge

  1. Splunk for Hadoop – Real Time Analytics
  2. Proposal for an Apprenticeship in Data Science
  3. How to reverse-engineer Google?
  4. 36 articles from top news outlets
  5. Row vs Columnar vs NoSQL Databases
  6. What do you think about RExcel?
  7. Analytics on Unstructured data – Twitter, Facebook and Social Media
  8. 10 Tips to Create Useful & Beautiful Visualizations
  9. Key words through graph entropy Hierarchical clustering
  10. Simplifying Big Data Analytics
  11. Online pharmacies: FDA fighting the wrong war
  12. The Perfect Storm - Missed Opportunites with Mobile and Big Weather...
  13. Greenplum & Kaggle partnership, and OpenChorus
  14. From Revolution to Evolution
  15. Top 3 Salespersons by Monthly Sales: R Language v.s esProc
  16. Rise of Big Data and Advanced Analytics

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