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Top 27 articles for week ending on August 12

Weekly digest from Data Science Central, Analytic Talent and Analytic Bridge:

  1. Password and hijacked email dataset for you to test your data scien...
  2. Social recommendation websites potential mob target
  3. How does Google detect original content vs. a copy?
  4. RapidMiner Community Meeting and Conference (August 28-31, Budapest)
  5. [Job] Data Scientist - EMC
  6. [Job] Marketing Lead, Predictive Analytics -
  7. [Job] Business Analyst, Enterprise - CVS Caremark
  8. [Job] Data Scientist - Abercrombie and Fitch
  9. [Job] Director of EMEA Analytics Solutions - EMC
  10. [Job] Product Analyst - WPS
  11. [Job] Analytic Advisor for Therapy Program Performance - CVS Caremark
  12. [Job] HRCP Senior Consultant, Analytics - McKinsey & Company
  13. [Job] Customer Analytics Solution Architect- Senior Manager
  14. [Job] Research Director, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton Schoo...
  15. SEO: a success story with Google (40% lift)
  16. A simple trick to migrate content between websites
  17. Percolator, Dremel and Pregel: Alternatives to Hadoop
  18. Function minimization: Simulated Annealing led by variance criteria...
  19. Interviewing data scientist candidates? Ask these questions | TechT...
  20. Using an In-Memory Data Grid for Near Real-Time Data Analysis | HPC...
  21. Congress seeks information on data brokers' privacy and security pr...
  22. Bunch of new conferences added to the conference group
  23. A survey for analytics professionals
  24. R Training: Marketing Analytics with R
  25. Analytic training from
  26. SiSence 2012 Salary Survey for Data Professionals
  27. Top 20 articles for week ending on August 3

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