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Top 27 articles for week ending October 18

From Data Science Central and AnalyticBridge

  1. Sponsored: Free 30-day Vertica trial (HP's analytic and data base p...
  2. Sponsored: Webinar - Easy AaaS (Analytics as a Service) for Decisio...
  3. Interactive Analysis Tools Comparison: R Language, Matlab, esProc, ...
  4. 50 great articles from top news outlets
  5. 21 featured job ads over the last 3 weeks
  6. Who are the wealthiest data scientists?
  7. 10 startups leading the way in 'big data' | VentureBeat
  8. Obama's Chief Data Scientist
  9. The probability paradox: your next car crash
  10. The Hastings Effect: How The Netflix Big Data Approach Is Transform...
  11. Big Data & Text Mining: Finding Nuggets in Mountains of Textual...
  12. Gale-Shapley Algorithm
  13. Predictive Analytics to Revitalize Stagnant European Economies
  14. A New Financial Simulation Model
  15. SAS Code: Show the Values of All Macro Variables in Your SAS Session
  16. Determining the Right Actions across Information
  17. colors for clustering. MCMC for music
  18. An Introduction to Social Network Analysis
  19. Efficient Portfolio of Assets: Markov Chain and the Constant Eigenv...
  20. Nobel Prize in mathematics awarded to A. Roth and L. Shapley.
  21. Start-up? Start with a Big Data mindset
  22. The Emerging Data Stack and Mobile Access
  23. 32 Big data "gotchas" from the trenches in exactly 3 words
  24. Decision table
  25. BI Dashboard: Flex Theme Designer Makes it Personal
  26. Variable Clustering
  27. Defining Business Analytics
  28. Model validation doubts
  29. Does this requirement make sense to you?

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