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Top 30 articles for week ending on August 19

Weekly digest from Data Science Central, Analytic Talent and Analytic Bridge:

  1. Why are clinical trials failing?
  2. How to optimize email campaigns? Part I
  3. Webinar: next generation of big data analytics
  4. 10 data mining books from the CRC Press
  5. Percolator, Dremel and Pregel: Alternatives to Hadoop
  6. New Report on Managing Cyberinfrastructure Centers
  7. 11 Core Big Data Workload Design Patterns
  8. [Job] Product Manager, Search - Best Buy
  9. [Job] Senior Product Manager, Search - Best Buy
  10. [Job] Biostatistician - Wellpoint
  11. [Job] Operations Analyst
  12. [Job] Associate Product Manager - Best Buy
  13. [Job] Senior Data Research & Reporting Analyst - Foreclosure Radar
  14. [Job] Data Scientist - EMC
  15. [Job] Business Analyst, Enterprise - CVS Caremark
  16. [Job] Data Scientist - Abercrombie and Fitch
  17. [Job] Director of EMEA Analytics Solutions - EMC
  18. [Job] Analytic Advisor for Therapy Program Performance - CVS Caremark
  19. [Job] HRCP Senior Consultant, Analytics - McKinsey & Company
  20. Sample proposal for a data science / big data project
  21. What are the most difficult things to predict, among these 19 chall...
  22. Analytics on Unstructured data – Twitter, Facebook and social media
  23. What data types you analyzed/mined in the past 12 months?
  24. Shopper Alert: Price May Drop for You Alone | NewYorkTimes
  25. Visual Analytics: Seeing Is Believing
  26. Retail Store Clustering for Space Optimization
  27. An alternative to FICO scores?
  28. Data Visualisation Tools Survey
  29. Transformation of data
  30. 30 statistics handbooks
  31. Top 27 articles for week ending on August 12


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