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Trends in Applied Econometrics Software Development

Trends in Applied Econometrics Software Development, 1985-2008,

Journal of Applied Econometrics research

Marius Ooms
VU University Amsterdam, Department of Econometrics

November 25, 2008


Trends in software development for applied econometrics emerge from an analysis of the
research articles and software reviews of the Journal of Applied Econometrics, appearing since
1986. The data and code archive of the journal provides more specific information on software
use for applied econometrics since 1995. GAUSS, Stata, MATLAB and Ox have been the most
important softwares after 2001. I compare these higher level programming languages and R
in somewhat more detail. An increasing number of packages is being used. A surprisingly low
number of products has been discontinued since 1987. I put the time series count data on the
number of articles using different softwares and on the number of reviews discussing different
products in a historical perspective, where I distinguish several software types. Two waves of
new products showed up in the period under study, the first associated with the introduction
of the personal computer and new graphical interfaces, the second one with the appearance
of the Internet. The Journal of Applied Econometrics has reviewed 77 packages. I shortly
discuss thirteen other relevant packages. A table with all mentioned packages, their authors
and latest versions provides a comprehensive overview of the relevant softwares in June 2008.

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