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TWITTER takes off with Hudson River AirBus "landing" & SWINE FLU early Prediction by Veratect Inc.

Photo of US Airways Flight 1549 after crashing into the Hudson River in New York City, United States, January 15, 2000. Photo taken and uploaded to as a Creative Common License, within minutes of the crash landing. Traditional news media did not arrive until about 45 minutes later.

1.[email protected]/3200086900
****This photo file is licensed under CREATIVE COMMONS ATTRIBUTION 2.0 License***

The posting by Vincent Granville on May 3 about the Swine Flu early prediction by Veratect Inc., indicates that what I predicted in Chapter 21 of the soon to be released book, HANDBOOK OF STATISTICAL ANALYSIS & DATA MINING APPLICATIONS, about TWITTER, is coming true. E.G. TWITTER would be a new source of data for future data mining ………..

When I wrote the Twitter part in Chapter 21 last October, no one knew if TWTITER was going to be a success, but then the Jan 16 Hudson River US-Air 320 Airbus river landing sent “twitter” around the world, and it “took off”……

Following this, I updated Chapter 21 with the first photo taken form an I-Pod, within seconds of the "river landing", uploaded to Twitter-pix and immediately made it around the world before any of the regular news media, like CNN had found the downed aircraft from their overhead helicopters. Elsevier's Editor and I had to “re-write” this Chapter 21 again, in late March, because of “legalities” that developed over these TWITTER pics, after Twitter became successful, and it was determined that pics posting were “owned” by the poster, unless they checked the “box” to put in public domain………..We found the Wikipedia "public domain" photo that is attached to this message as a substitute.

This is what I "re-wrote" in the book, in late March, about this TWITTER phenomenon, and which you can soon read in full when the book is released at the end of the month:

"What is important about this “twitter image” of a jet liner floating in the Hudson River is that without twitter this would have been experienced by the world in an entirely different fashion. Twitter is considered a “micro-blog” service. During 2008 Twitter was in use by some people, but most of the world had not yet heard of it, or if they had, not joined the “twitter network”. However this Hudson River airplane crash landing on January 15, 2009 brought Twitter into perspective, and shortly after people started signing up for twitter at astronomical numbers, now in March, 2009 as this is written at about 10,000 an hour."

Now, the Veratect, Inc. early prediction of the Swine Flu apparently originating in the small Mexico community, later confirmed by CDC and public health workers provides evidence that TWITTER and other "social network media" will indeed be a first line source of "defense" and "data for mining knowledge" now and in the future.

Gary Miner

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Comment by Angela Waner on December 1, 2009 at 1:42pm
I love the picture.

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