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Looking for a new job? Try Twitter yet? I would ask if anyone is Twittering to find their next job, but it appears the answer is an overwhelming "yes". I just recently built out a Twitter page for JTL Services, Inc. and have already quickly gotten a few followers - pretty cool!

For those job seekers who are skeptical at adding another online social-type network to their eBranding arsenal, let me provide you some quick and easy to understand feedback.

From a job searching perspective, I would put Twitter in the top 5 online tools to help you find a job. Using Twitter can provide two advantages to you, the job seeker. The first is that hiring managers are beginning to really take advantage of Twitter to find talent. Therefore, they are listing open job opportunities in hopes to attract the perfect candidate. So from a search and find standpoint, Twitter can help.

The second advantage is maybe even more important. Find companies that you want to work for and "follow" them on Twitter. You can "follow" a company's Twitter page if you want to be kept in the loop of activity regarding that company, including new job opportunities. What is even better, is that you can "follow" this company right on your mobile phone. This provides you with real-time up-to-date job opening information from a specific company or recruiter.

In conclusion, I absolutely recommend getting on the bandwagon with this one!

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