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The first one is about NCAA. Check out the original and fully interactive version (you can click on nodes to get details) with description, at

The second one is from me, representing click scores vs. odds (for a click) of converting: the higher the score, the more likely the click will produce a conversion, as scores are designed as conversion predictors. Especially useful to predict the value of new keywords (with no performance history) added to a pay-per-click advertising campaign. Produced with R, it's an attempt at representing 4 dimensions in a plane, as well as a new way to segment the click universe:

  1. X-axis for the score (average score around 600)
  2. Y-axis for conversion odds (1 = average)
  3. Size of rectangle represents the number of clicks in a bucket where all clicks have the same multivariate vector and same score
  4. Color represents cost per click, called CPC (blue = low, green = medium, red = high)

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Comment by David Robinson on March 20, 2013 at 11:39am

The d3 software used to construct the top graph has a number of examples that warrant a look:  d3js

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