I am part of an environment where everything may change within month or easily put days, I am part of Business Intelligence Environment. Environment may sound a huge word however it fits the context here, I started my career working on Basic Reporting tool like Excel and then advancing to High End Reporting tool like Hyperion/ Cognos or relative new once like OBIEE/SAP BO or just recent one Qlikview/Good data. To my surprise when I look back I just have an experience of 8 years in the Business intelligence. The curve that is followed by Business intelligence is pretty steep. As mentioned this is overall an environment which starts from first step from data entry and currently roll up to Analytics.

Now whenever I look at this, am fascinated how much it has evolved from the time of my career start till today. Every day one will hear of new idea that comes for BI optimization to new BI technique or companies totally revolutionized BI (yet to hear about one).

Whole point of writing the pre story was how can we make our career in BI more success full or point to grow. In my experience there is one Mantra only

“Learn and Adapt what is there, Keeping in mind whether it’s needed or not”

People tend to take this Learn and Adapt quite literally, however let’s analyze it a little better; If you are in data warehousing sight of BI Environment you don’t require to adapt Visualizations techniques rather concept like BIG Data and Hadoop can be of greater advantage to you. Similarly a person in reporting can learn new tools like Qlikview, Tableau however BIG data and Hadoop should not be his key areas of study. Much said its one person option to study whatever they like but career prospect must kept in mind.

So as dynamic the BI environment is the growth will come if People also start being More Dynamic in learning new techniques and adapt a new approach. Will like to mention is Switching tools to a newer one is not only way to upscale however if new features of tool that you are using is available up scaling can be that also.

Simple Steps in knowing what BI is? Will help you grow.

I worked on BI for long to write about any think else but think the idea is general enough to be applied everywhere.