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Web Report Studio: Recognize these 2 Gotchas?

If you aren’t paying close attention to the messages in Web Report Studio, you may run into some puzzling issues.  The messages that SAS produces may not be obvious enough if you are expecting a different behavior, thus making troubleshooting a bit difficult.

Gotcha 1: Why Won’t My Changes Save?

This reminder comes from Shri Sastry.  She had asked a co-worker to make a simple change to a Web Report Studio and she  noticed the change still was not made days later.  Shri inquired and the co-worker told her she had made the change several times but the application would not save the changes. This sounded odd and frustrating! She observed the change being made and this is how the Gotcha was discovered! When using an application like MS Excel or MS Word, when you exit the application a sanity check window appears asking if you want to keep the changes.  However, the Web Report Studio sanity check explains you are discarding the changes.  So – read closely or fail victim to the GOTCHA!

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