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What Social Media in 2011 Tells Us about the Future of Marketing?

Marketing is a broad term in its own way. It has its own unmatched standards. It has various categories, one of which is Social Media Marketing. Internet gave some space for social networking to its users that encouraged Social Media Marketing. In fact, it has been one of the hottest topics in the marketing world lately. And with the set-up of several SMO Company in India, Social media marketing is emerging and will continue to do so in the coming years.


What to say about its future? Breakthroughs in 2011 might seem to be lustrous and new altogether, but it doesn’t end here. You may be surprised by the business coming from the mainstream.

Today, Internet seems to have captured the driver’s seat on the commercial front. Due to which, the future of Social Media Marketing is bright and undoubtedly promising. It has also given birth to many SMO Company India.  And, the speed at which Social Media is gaining popularity, it is probably going to be the next ‘Big thing’!!


Since, E-commerce is ever increasing and majority of the departments are moving online, people are no more interested in going to shopping malls, outlets, stores, or the market. They have now developed an easy-going and care-free attitude. But, what’s wrong in that? After all, it saves time; you get everything that you want. Plus, you can put behind the worries about traffic, crowd, heat, hectic schedule, and more. That’s because you are never going to find any such hassles online.  Moreover, you do not deal in cash online while purchasing. Everything is done electronically. Payments can be made via credit or debit cards electronically. This provides maximum financial security to both buyer and seller.

Now, let’s see why does social media marketing has a bright future. Given below are some of its points for reference:


Makes information sharing easy – Internet has come a long way now. Majority of people now have an urge to share what they are upto. Probably, they are too keen to flaunt. But, no matter whatever the reason is, it certainly helps to convey a message. And the motive of Social media marketing is fulfilled.

Immediate source – Well, this is one of the most powerful reasons why social media rules the present marketing scenario. One can respond instantly to any posts or things shared by friends in no time. This goes along well with businesses too, who try hard to take maximum advantage out of social media marketing.

Modernized atmosphere – Some call social media as a trendsetter, some say it has negative impacts too. Of course, everything has its own pros and cons. But, this is the year 2011; speed is the need of the hour. Forget TV news, newspapers or radio, Internet is in the limelight. Given such a scenario, who would say social media marketing does not have a bright career?  It surely does, thanks to SMO Company India!

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