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What will be the state of Analytics in 2020?

By Bruno Aziza Entrepreneurial Leader and Creative Marketer. Author and Speaker.  •   326 votes  •  37 comments  •  Ended 29 Jan 2011.

  • Unstructured analytics will dominate (25%)
  • 100% will be embedded in processes (30%)
  • Analytics will be pushed vs. pulled63 (19%)
  • Culture will still be an issue (21%)
  • Usability will not have improved (4%)

See comments and demographics breakdown on the original page.

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Comment by Vincent Granville on January 29, 2011 at 1:45pm
Analytics will be more unified, and no longer a bunch of separate, non-communicating silos such as OR (Operations Research), statistics, data mining, cloud architecture, computer science, six sigma, quant, econometrics, biostatistics, bioinformatics, image processing, fraud detection, scoring, risk management, corporate finance, compliance, etc.
There will be more powerful highly generic techniques (possibly delivered as SaaS or on-demand AaaS - Analytics as a service) capable of processing online, on the fly, very large volumes of data, and at the same time more highly specialized techniques e.g. for keyword bidding, economic forecasting, creation of ontologies, automated car driving, etc.
Also much of the data processed by any company will be mostly external data (e.g. about the market, competitors, what people write about your company, etc.) rather than internal like today. There will be algorithms to clean and fuzzy-merge these various external and internal data sources, many being unstructured.

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