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What they will not teach you in the Analytics booklet

 It is so good to see more and more people sharing what can be done via Analytics and who can do what.  What I do not see, again, is the art of implementing Analytics. Analytics is not done by a simple act of software installation or model churning.

What I am working on includes: exciting people about their future state of works. A must-have responsibility of any Analytics include regular and routine reporting. However, what they really want is the vision of bringing inspiration to the management and the organization. To do this, we need to get our people ready to bring inspiration. Analytics can only deliver if the Analytics people are actively seeking about the knowledge of the market and its relationship with the business we are dealing on a day-to-day basis.

Sharing credit with others. Analytics can be a specialist works. If we want Analytics spread like virus or fire across the organization, people need positive feedback or reward. Let the user of the analytics take the credit, not you as the data provider. To make a car sell, you need a superior car, coupled with excellent marketing and financing program. In a nutshell, this will make sure Analytics integrate well with other existing stakeholders of the organization. We should keep reminding ourrselves: Analytics is not your expertise, building Analytics capabilities of an organization should be the skills we all should strive for. Think about it: Apple is great not because the product is good, it is because Apple makes us all want it- same for Analytics.

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