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When did "free" analytics get so expensive?

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When did "free" analytics get so expensive? Download guide | Read online
Adobe Online Marketing Suite
When did free analytics get so expensive
Learn why you're leaving money on the table
Dear Vincent,
They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. In a competitive and complex online world, those who are pursuing the dream of "free" will be quickly left behind.
In this guide, Aberdeen Research looks at why users of free analytics are outpaced by users of more sophisticated and automated solutions. Additionally, the survey determined that users who leverage Adobe® solutions, powered by Omniture®, are 45% more likely to achieve "Best-in-Class" status. Those organizations who use free tools are unable to keep pace with those who use automated technologies.

This guide reviews:

  • The opportunity costs of free analytics
  • Why paid analytics users see higher conversion gains
  • How Dave Ramsey achieved a 500% ROI


Aberdeen found that users of paid solutions saw conversion rate gains that were more than twice those of companies using free solutions. Additionally, companies using a paid solution increased revenue per visit more than two-and-a-half times those using a free solution. If you want to find out how much free analytics may be costing you, download this guide today!
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