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Web analytics: Obamacare website demographics

The purpose of the analysis is to answer the following question: will Obamacare ( attract enough young, not poor and healthy to pay for the poor and sick.

According to Alexa, visitors are dominated by females, with some college education, and very few visit the website from school. However, it does not mean that those who sign up have similar demographics. You can get a breakdown per age and income if you purchase Alexa's professional plan. The cost is $149/month to track detailed stats (for only), though you can cancel at any time.

The detailed demographics, typically available for any large website on, were hidden at the request of the website owner

So, can we conclude, from these high-level numbers, that Obamacare attracts too many of the poor / unhealthy and too few of the young and healthy / not poor?

It's hard to tell. A few comments:

  • Young under 26 are insured by their parents; it's not surprising very few visit from school.
  • There could be a rather high proportion of women looking for pregnancy coverage, although this is just a wild guess. Pregnancies is one of the most expensive health expenditures for the young and healthy (especially if you have a new baby every two years).
  • In most couples, women make decisions about healthcare plans, not men
  • Women might trust Obama more than men do, whether they are poor or not.
  • Few with graduate degree, as these people get insurance from their employer (unless they are unemployed or don't have a partner or parent with a family plan). 
  • Few with no college education, that's rather strange, since these are the (low income) people most likely to get free health insurance. Do they know how to enroll?

Other interesting stats from Alexa, regarding

  • Top countries: US (89.0% of traffic), followed by India, Canada, UK, Mexico.
  • Top keywords used to find on search engines: health care (5.0%) followed by healthcare (3.4%), (1.9%), affordable care act (1.0%) and florida healthcare law (0.9%).

Finally, it would be interesting to look at the statistics of the state websites. The California website ( has different demographics: still mostly female, but more with either higher or no education, and accessing the website from work rather than home. The MA website ( is similar to the CA one, in terms of demographics. Also state websites get almost no traffic (< 3% vs. 11% for the federal website) from outside US.

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