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It has been very busy these days as I am also involved generating the performance report of individual bankers for the region- by program- one by one! It is true that our business intelligence has the authority and technology to report out business hence naturally showing them by individual sales for appraisal purpose.

Convincing HR to do this work is like asking social workers to do actuarial works. One is more humane and in depth about someone, another involves more calculation and willingness to use approximation.

First of all, it's the personal data that raises concern. HR is extremely uncomfortable to share the data with the department that specialized in business intelligence tool. While most of the analytics talent ate hired to the business side, there is little or no investment of people in these areas.  Therefore HR analytics is a deadlocked issue. While having no one to show the data result, there is no hiring initiative for these talents.

Secondly, lack of Role standardization and data coding for skills. Competence and skills of the jobs are not standardized across the organization. Or in other words, management does not know what they want therefore no way to codified their need. This in turn translate into the inability to let the HR managers to capture and analyze the data in a categorized format.

Do not ask me how. I do not know except going straight to HR and volunteer for help.

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