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Everyone has data in Microsoft Office Excel and knows how to use it. So far so good, but how to score this data using predictive analytics? The answer: by using the new Excel add-in developed by Zementis. With the ADAPA Add-in for Microsoft Office Excel available in our website (, anyone can access the power of predictive analytics directly from their desktop. Predictions are now literally at your fingertips. ADAPA is a standards-based decision engine that executes predictive models expressed in PMML on-demand. The ADAPA Add-in allows users to score data and execute models from inside Microsoft Office Excel 2007. This is remarkable, since it frees users from having to deal with all the technology required for deploying and executing predictive models. With the Excel add-in, all one has to do is to select the data for scoring (or the columns containing the relevant data) and pressing on the "Score" button in Microsoft Office Excel ... et voila' ... scores are generated automatically for every single data row. It does not get easier than this.

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