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Webinar: Understanding the Reality of Real Time Analytics

Today's businesses are challenged to analyze massive data volumes with great speed and efficiency with the hope of finding competitive advantage, strategic imperatives, or a random nugget of business gold. As a result, the interest in “real-time” analytics, or what people think of as “real-time” analytics, is at an all time high. “I need to know now,” is the big data challenge we are all currently facing.
This Data Science Central webinar drives the “real-time” discussion with industry thought leaders regarding:

- the definition of the term or category
- the tools that are purpose-built or ideal
- the likely datasets or data types most relevant
- web analytics, network analytics, mobile analytics, and machine-generated data versus business data

Webinar Participants include:
Richard Snee, Data Science Central - Host/Moderator
Vincent Granville, Analytic Bridge
Stephen Sorkin, Splunk
David Menninger, EMC Greenplum, formerly of Ventana Research
Joseph Hellerstein, Professor, UC Berkeley

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Comment by Vincent Granville on June 5, 2012 at 3:27pm

The founders of AnalyticBridge / DataScienceCentral were on the panel or among the organizers.


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